Privacy Wall System

The Superior Architectural System is a Pre-manufactured Panel System consisting of a Heavy Density EPS Foam core that is architecturally designed to any shape of wall desired. Once the wall design is approved, our CADCAM equipment automatically manufactures the desired shape.

The panel system is prepared to be coated with a layer of base coat-mesh and then a thick layer of more base coat. This application totally seals the product from moisture and provides it with high impact strength.

The panels are now coated with an acrylic modified stucco type finish that can be applied to any color embedded into the finish. This provides the advantage of a maintenance free, never need to paint wall system.

The wall panel has a cut out in the middle to place a steel tube 2″ x 2″ to be embedded into 24″ of concrete. Each column has a footer strong enough to sustain high winds and extreme weather conditions.                                                                                                                                                          














Also, we are manufacturing our new Precast concrete privacy wall system that has been designed for residential and commercial developments. Re-inforced precast concrete will last longer and has the convenience of an easy installation. This pre-engineered wall will provide greater strength and durability with our 5,000 PSI concrete panels.