Urethane System

Superior Architectural uses a Reaction Spray Molding (RSM) system that has a rapid curing, solventless urethane coating, which provide a plastic-like hard shell for the protection of Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) and urethane foams. They are applied with plural component spray equipment to a wide range in thickness from 10-200 mils. It is also available in fire-retarded versions. Urethane is chemical, moisture, impact and abrasive resistant. We use only heavy density, virgin and cured EPS as an architectural core before applying urethane.

We apply a special primer coat on urethane making it ready for the contractor to apply his or her own selected finish coat in the field. We also offer any architectural element totally finished and ready to adhere to the substrate. With our space age custom designed equipment, we can apply several types of finishes including but not limited to:

  • Mediterranean Coral
  • Caribbean Coral
  • Cementitous Knockdown
  • Keystone
  • Several Sand Finishes
  • Smooth and ready for paint

Superior has a special custom system and can also apply variegated coloring to any finish.

Superior Architectural developed the Coral Finish System and Variegated Coloring System in 1993 and has won much acclaim for its beautifying and enhancing characteristics. The Company also was awarded the “2000 Industry of the Year” for Manatee County.