Our custom signs are manufactured using a unique, technologically advanced system. In 1990, Superior Architectural introduced a new technological advancement in the manufacture of monument and wall signage. Indistinguishable from solid concrete, styrothane offers the same look, but is lightweight and impact-resistant.

We utilize high-density expandable polystyrene (EPS), cut to any custom shape, with our CADCAM operated equipment as an architectural core.

The EPS is strengthened and totally sealed with reaction spray molding (RSM) styrothane. RSM is based on solventless, fast cure, spray-applied urethane chemistry. This procedure provides a super hard surface that surrounds the whole sign.

An additional acrylic synthetic stucco type hard coat is then added for protection, strength and durability. All signs have 4.25” postholes pre-drilled on centers to accept aluminum posts.

Several unique coatings and finish textures are available, including (but not limited to) coral, keystone, smooth, stone, brick and sand finishes.