Monument Signs


Superior Architectural Solutions has built literally hundreds of Monument Signs over the years. These signs range from 4 by 6 feet to 12 by 6 feet and can be custom made to fit your needs.

Our signs are designed by a unique, technologically advanced system. We use a high-density expandable polystyrene foam (EPS), to cut any custom design shape with our Cad Cam operated equipment.

The EPS is strengthened and sealed with reaction spray molding (RSM) styrothane. RSM is based on solventless, fast cure, spray applied urethane chemistry. This procedure provides a super hard surface that surrounds the whole sign. An additional acrylic synthetic stucco type hard coat is then added for protection, strength and durability.

All signs have engineered 4 inch holes to accept 4 inch heavy wall aluminum piping for posts at designated intervals. These intervals are dictated by engineering requirements for wind load, based on the size of the sign.

Indistinguishable from solid concrete, styrothane offers the same look, but is lightweight and impact-resistant.

  • Typically 60 – 80% the cost of traditional masonry methods.
  • Lightweight alternatives to conventional material. It is not necessary to have heavy handling equipment to install a Superior Sign. Two individuals can install a typical sign within a couple hours.
  • Each system is totally customized to meet your needs and specifications. Any size is available and can be shipped anywhere.
  • Lead-time for a custom sign or wall system is usually less than a month from approved sign design to installation.
  • Permitting? No issue. We will work with you and your permitting office.
  • Climate? Doesn’t matter. Our material will stand up to any temperature or climate.
  • Distance is not a concern. Superior has sold hundreds of sign systems throughout the U.S. and abroad without a single incident of failure.

All of our sign systems carry a 5 year warranty.

We combine our building industry knowledge with unique designing skill to offer the perfect solution for both commercial and residential applications.

Whether you have an architectural drawing or an idea in your mind, we can make it at a price and a quality that cannot be beaten. Choose from hundreds of different designs, colors and finishes.

Our ultimate goal is absolute customer satisfaction and we warranty all of our products for material and workmanship.


Instructions to Install Signs