Sign Size?
We have manufactured many large signs. The only limitation is height and length due to DOT restrictions on the highways. In most cases, we can engineer the sign to be assembled on site and meet local building codes. The larger the sign, the more vertical posts will be required to meet wind load standards. Our designers will discuss any extra requirements when designing a custom large sign. 

Wind Load Capacity?
Different size signs have different wind load variables. The lower the height of the sign, the less the wind will affect it. Our engineering designs try to maintain a wind load capacity of at least 100 mph. Our signs that have been in place in Florida – where winds have surpassed 140 mph during some of the hurricanes in recent years – have survived intact.

Textures and Finishes?
Knockdown, Sand, Keystone, Smooth and Light Coral are the finishes we offer in our styrothane system. All these finishes can be ordered in any color or multiple colors. Any sign design is also available with exterior applications such as Brick, Stone and Pre-cast.

Graphics, Logos and Lettering?
We can deliver your sign with the lettering and graphics already on it. It can be recessed or applied. If special types of lettering and graphics are required, we can have that done for you also. If you want to have a local sign manufacturer produce your graphics and lettering, we will send the sign with aluminum hard points installed in the sign for them to easily apply your graphics.

Our Monument Signs carry a 5 year defective material and labor warranty.

Installation?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Monument Signs are easy to install. Two or three people can install a standard size sign in a matter of hours. An installation sheet will be provided for your review.

For an additional fee, we can have our professional install crew do the installation for you, no matter how big or small your job is.